Has Your Kid Just Come Out to You as LGBTQ?

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take a breath...

I've been there and figured it out for you

Take a moment right now to just give yourself a ton of credit for considering this program - for the desire to learn, grow, shift - and ultimately to become a better version of yourself! Most importantly, I applaud you for wanting to learn as much as you can so that you can empower and support your child!


Let's address the elephant in the room right away. If I asked you to name your top three emotions right now, fear probably comes out on top, right? It's ok. Fear can be a motivator or saboteur. Either way it is insidious. Learning to Just Breathe will help you name and tame those fears! Tips and strategies are woven throughout the course, and if that isn't enough, you can bring your challenges to the weekly office hours and I'll help you get unstuck!


The continuum for a parent's reaction when their child comes out to them is broad. We make it a lot more complicated than it needs to be, though. Answer this honestly - was your initial reaction a response to what your kid shared with you or was it about your stuff? There's no shame or judgment. Part of Learning to Just Breathe is examining our previously held beliefs and letting them go. You will learn how to replace "should-ing" and shame with curiosity. And your relationship with your child will evolve and blossom.

Language is ever-evolving. Now is the perfect time to learn the what, how and why of the language of LGBTQIA+ because it is going to continue to move forward. Your choices are to stay stuck in time or take an opportunity for personal growth. You will make mistakes - we all do - but it is far better to make mistakes while trying and learning than to stay silent.

Learning to Just Breathe contains all of the information Steve and I wish were available when Connor came out to us as gay.

You are about to benefit from hundreds of hours of research, talking with professionals, crying, shifting, evolving, and organization! Seriously, I could not be more thrilled to be able to offer this to you!!

Our story...

...at least part of it...

If you're here you likely know at least a portion of our story. Well, now my kids range in age from 15-22. When people ask how we are all so close, my answer is - we survived TOGETHER.

This wasn't six separate journeys (albeit each of those VERY important) this was our collective journey as a family.

We learned to communicate when it was painful and scary and at least one of us was filled with anger.

We learned to ask questions and respect boundaries - and to know when to do each.

We learned that peeling back the layers to find our authentic self is always worth the discomfort.

We learned the true meaning of unconditional love.

And, we learned that laughter and embracing the messiness would bring us together and get us through!

These are just a few examples of the wisdom through life experience that I will share with you.



  • Module One - Introduction and Preparation

  • Module Two - Learning to Embrace

    • Embrace

    • Get Yourself Grounded

    • Tell Your Kid You Love Them

    • Get On the Same Page and Buckle Your Seat Belt

  • Module Three - Educate

    • The Coming Out Process for Your Child

    • The Coming Out Process for You

    • Research

    • Support

    • Understanding Mental Health

    • Substance use and Abuse

    • Allow Yourself Time to Adjust and Grow

  • Module Four - Empower

    • Empower, Advocate, Ally, Oh My!

    • Positive and Healthy Communication

    • Lean into Your Intuition

    • Release Fear

  • Module Five - Love

    • Self

    • Child

    • Unconditional

  • Module Six - Learning to Just Breathe

    • Making this work for YOU!

    • Resources


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Worksheets at the end of each lesson to deepen learning and growth!

The Language of LGBTQIA+ ebook


Working in schools it is important to be completely up to date with inclusive language. Heather's "The Language of LGBTQIA+" is everything you need in one workshop! I have it easily accessible as I navigate working with teenagers.

Eden Olson, Ph.D.

Parent and Educator

WOW!  What a good read!  I enjoyed your opening remarks—I am always wanting to ask questions but afraid to insult someone.  Sincere Curiosity is a "real thing”.

This book was so informative and answered so many questions for me.  I was able to learn lots of valuable information.  Answered so many questions and explained so many terms that I have questioned and now I feel i have much more knowledge.  What a wonderful resource.

Jennifer McAuliffe


Our relationship with our kids is one of the most precious gifts that we can experience as human beings. Is there really a price tag on that?

Sarah MacPhearson


A little info about...

Heather Hester

I am the founder of Chrysalis Mama and the creator of the podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen. I am also a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speaker, partnering with corporations to support and educate their employees on all topics surrounding loving and raising an LGBTQIA+ child as well as a "coming out" coach for parents of LGBTQIA+ adolescents, teens, and young adults.

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Your Price: $197

Here are a few of my wishes for you:

  • No barriers as you create an authentic connection with your child.

  • A clear path to serenity if you are feeling enmeshed in utter chaos.

  • Feeling loved and supported as you travel this road with your family.

  • Information and answers at your finger tips.

  • Weekly access to a well-traveled guide who cares (me!)

  • The tools and strategies to banish fear and overwhelm.

  • A deep understanding of empowerment and unconditional love.

I don't want ANYTHING to stand in your way!

The course alone is worth $2000+ ... add in the weekly office hours and Language of LGBTQIA+ ebook and this is truly priceless!

My mission when I started back in 2018 was to do everything I could to make sure no parent or family member felt the way we did, struggled the way we did, or stumbled the way we did when Connor came out. I infuse that feeling into everything I do!

You have nothing to lose and everything - knowledge, relationship, empowerment, support, love - to gain!

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